Odessa, DVS, Split news

Odessa‘s Web site is officially up and running, odessadirect.com.

For Spring 2005, DVS is introducing Bruise Control technology. The concept behind Bruise Control is to customize the cushioning of the shoe depending on the type of terrain that is being skated.

Bruise Control comes in two different types of densities, soft (Gel) and super soft (Foam). The Detech Soft Gel pad protects the feet from even the hardest of impacts. The STS Super Soft Foam protects from the slightest of impacts.

To sum it all up, the Super Soft Foam is for lower impact skateboarding. The Soft Gel is for somebody looking for a sponsor. The Bruise Control pads come in numerous colors to match your daily attire—choose your cushion for your pushin’.

Split “Top Shelf” Skate Tour

Skate Team Tour of the Midwest and Northwest

Billy Marks
Anthony Shetler
Jim Gagne
Mathias Ringstrom
Damian Smith
Ramon Black
Lucio Santos
Mikey Burton

Mid West:14th Aug – Corkys, Livonia, MI, Autograph signing – 11:30 am
Livonia Skatepark, MI, Demo 12 — 1pm
Modern Skate Shop, Novi MI, Autograph signing 3pm
Vans Skate Park, Novi MI, Demo 4pm
15th Aug – Modern Skate park, Grand Rapids MI, Demo / Autograph signing 3pm
17 Aug – Shred Shop, Skokie IL, Demo / Autograph signing 3pm
18 Aug – Fourseasons Skatepark, Milwaukee WI, Demo / Autograph signing 4pm
19 Aug – Fourseasons Skatepark, Madison WI, Demo / Autograph signing 4pm
21 Aug – Fobia Downtown Minneapolis MN, Autograph signing 12:30pm
3rd lair Skate park, Golden Valley MN, Demo / Autograph signing 3pm

North West:23 Aug – Skate Church, Seattle, Demo 5pm (check splitusa.com) Demo
24 Aug – Shoreline Skate Park, Seattle WA, Demo 5pm
The Prime Skate Shop, Seattle WA, Autograph signing 8pm
26 Aug – Sprit Skate shop downtown, Spokane WA, Autograph signing 12pm
Spirit Skate shop North, Spokane WA, Autograph signing 3:30pm
Hilliyards Skate Park, Spokane WA, Demo 5pm
Aug 28th – HillsboroSkate Park, Portland OR 3pm

Top Shelf is a high end division of Split Clothing. Denim, Woven shirts and knits with high quality fabrics, fashion details, subtle washes and better fits.