On Video On Video Days, Summer 2003 Released

In 1991, the 80s skate boom had burst, the United States economy was in recession and President Bush declared war on Iraq. Skateboarding was at a crossroads then, with fresh styles, new companies and young pros pushing past the old brands and tired heroes. With the rest of the country languishing in a funk of war and recession, skateboarders were celebrating the transformation of their own little world.

That transformation was documented in a video filmed and directed by a young photographer named Spike Jonze. Featuring Mark Gonzales, Jason Lee, Guy Mariano and the rest of the Blind team, VIDEO DAYS captured the unique talents of a seminal group of skaters at a critical time in the history of modern skateboarding. ON delves into the making of one of skateboarding’s most influential videos with help from Spike Jonze, Jason Lee and others.

What’s it like for a TV celebrity who’s seen it all to go on a full-blown Birdhouse skate tour as a pro? Tony Hawk, Jeremy Klein and the team recruit shock video pioneer Tom Green for their latest excursion. It’s HOOTERS OR BUST!

ON is KNOCKIN’ BOOTS. The Bootleg team set out to film for an ON feature and find themselves on the other side of the world…how did that happen?

When he’s in France, Ed Templeton is DISTURBING THE PIECE. Ed recently held an art exhibit spitting distance from the Eiffel tower in downtown Paris. ON was there to reveal how he put it together, and how one of the world’s oldest and most refined art cultures reacted to Ed’s installation.

Rarely seen without one on his shoulder, Chad Muska introduces us to his favorite ghetto blaster in ON THE SIDE. Also in this issue, Kenny Reed is more likely to be in Siberia than at home; this time the consummate traveler sends us POSTCARDS from Hungary and Vietnam. Cairo Foster and the Popwar crew take over the ONTAGE.

DVD’s are so hot right now, especially if yours is ON Summer 2003. Bonus features include extended Birdhouse elite posse interviews and birds gone wild; Birdhouse tour footage too hot for tv! Only available on disc, Ed Templeton gives a personal tour of his Paris exhibit and flosses some philosophy — Ed’s take on it all. On the B side, Chad’s other boom box…extra features include video trailers and a shop loop.

For those that really want to go to school, director Kirk Dianda and various ON staffers have added audio commentary to ON Summer 2003.

ON Summer 2003 shows how Videos Days defined a generation; available in skate shops only on May 20, 2003.

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