On Video Winter 2004

ON Video
Winter 2004

Fountain Valley, CA (411 Productions) — Few skate spots on Earth can claim the notoriety of Philadelphia’s John F. Kennedy Plaza, a.k.a. Love Park. Its granite surface and benches, its city-center location and open design, and its appearance in countless videos and magazine articles have made it the focal point of East-Coast skateboarding. Love Story—The Saga Of A Skate Landmark.

Recognized around the world for being a hub of skateboarding activity, the fanfare and tourism created by Love’s skateboarding residents wasn’t enough for city leaders to keep the park accessible to skateboarders. In 2001, skateboarding was outlawed in Love Park and has since remained a political battlefield for skateboarders and politicians. Recent negotiations between the politically active skateboarders, youth organizations and Philly’s municipal government have produced positive results leading to the eventual re-opening of this landmark to skateboarding. Ricky Oyola, Stevie Williams, Josh Kalis, Kerry Getz, Tim O’Connor, and a host of local notables tell the tale of this legendary landmark.

There aren’t many places in the Western world that skateboarders haven’t touched. This Fall ON Video takes you to a skateboarding paradise that, until now, has been under-appreciated by Euro beachgoers, French royalty, and the cinema elite. Follow Scott Johnston, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Pete Eldridge, Peter Ramondetta, Ali Boulala, and Diego Buchierri as they explore the paved wonders of Southern France—from Cannes to Monaco. It’s a real Tour de France.

Also in this issue, a vacant warehouse becomes an impromptu skatepark as Mark Gonzales, Ray Barbee, Salman Agah, Jason Adams, Pete Eldridge, Scott Bourne, Brad Staba, and friends utilize whatever they can find for fun and footage — Space Invaders, Build, Skate, Destroy.

In the late 70s, film maker Hal Jepsen set out to capture the skateboarding craze that swept the nation, but ended up documenting a culture in flux—Jepsen and Stacy Peralta describe the mayhem known as Skateboard Madness — Classic 70s Cinema.

Scott Kane leads the charge in a mass of talent converges in a mixed-up, balls-out, banger-mashing ONtage.

If you do not yet have a DVD player, buy one now and make ON Winter 2004 your first disc. Why? Bonus footage in this issue contains: Raw Bacon, an extended interview with Edmund Bacon (creator of Love Park), bonus Love Park footage from over the ages, a tour of Josh Kalis’ Love Park memorabilia, Behind The Scenes photos, a Tour de France extended edit, Japanese subtitles and Directors’ Commentary! Get your copy of ON Winter 2004 in a skateboard shop on November 25, 2003!

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