Osiris Announce Am Series

The Next Cup
Osiris shoes have launched a new amateur skateboard league, which kicks off this April. There’ll be three age groups (0-10, 11-14, and 15 up) plus an open division for sponsored ams and shop riders. Each of the age groups will have a max of twenty-four contestants. The open event will have thirty-six heats of twelve. Entry fees will be thirty-five dollars, and forms are available from participating shops. Pad requirements according to park rules. For more info go to nextcup

April 14¿Mission Valley YMCA Skatepark

April¿28 Ocean Beach Skatepark

May 12¿Encinitas Skatepark

May 26¿Temecula Ollie House Skatepark

June 09¿Escondido Skatepark

June 23¿Mission Valley YMCA Skatepark