Osiris Shoes News

Osiris Shoes News NOV. 10 2003

Osiris has just come off a long month of promoting its new video, Subject to Change. The entire crew Jerry Hsu, Louie Barletta, Ali Boulala, Butcher, James Brockman, Kanten Russell, Chris Dobstaff Brandon Turner,Dylan Reider and PLG combed the world in support of the video. Check out the new “Subject to Change website @ http://osirisshoes.com/subject_site.html

Osiris TM Chris ” Dune Pastras has just returned from an photo escapade down under with Jerry Hsu and Clint Peterson, check the Osiris site to read about all the Hijinx that they got into and to see some of Dune’s photos. Dune has also taken up residency in the heart of L.A. where he will be running the Osiris team and Stereo skateboards.