Osiris Shoes Signs Skateboarding Icon Jay Adams

APRIL 30, 2002 SAN DIEGO, CA, USA— In an unprecedented move, Osiris Shoes signs SkateboardingIcon Jay Adams to design his own shoe model.

Heavily responsible for the roots of modern day skateboarding, Jay Adams has united with Osirisshoes to design his own shoe model. Adam’s contribution to skateboarding defies description orcategory. One of the original Z-boys, Jay epitomizes the loose, low-slung style and aggressivenessthat is so evident in the Santa Monica DogTown Surf-Skate Style of riding. Adams is known for hisinsanely radical abandon, stylish execution and setting trends in everything he does; the Jay Adamsdesign “Z-Flex board”, and the Jay Adams “Fly Away” helmet remain to this day some of the most soughtafter products ever made. The conjunction will link skateboarding’s past with it’s, presentcollaborating old style with new. The Jay Adams inspired signature shoe is scheduled for show andbooking at the 2002 fall San Diego ASR tradeshow.