Osiris Signs Toy Machine Pro, Diego “The Butcher” Bucchieri

Hailing from the heavy streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Diego “THE BUTCHER” Bucchieri made his first impact on the California skate scene in the spring of 1998. A Vegetarian when comes to food, a carnivore while skating. Notorious for hacking up any spot he comes across “THE BUTCHER” is a name that will be reckoned with for years to come.


The world awoke to Diego’s amazing talent when Transworld Skateboarding dropped I.E. Video #11 In late 2000. Belting trick after trick, the video exposed the Argentinean like no other. Diego received his nickname “THE BUTCHER” from Phil Shao and Jake Phelps at Thrasher magazine. “They were asking me what kind of food we eat in Argentina. There is a lot of meat, and then they asked me what my nickname was in Argentina. I told them ‘Bucha’ B-U-C-H-A. So they were like ‘Bucha..Butcher’, -it’s perfect.” Expect to see upcoming ads along with a part in the new Osiris skate video dropping in the fall of 2003.