P Rod To Star In Vicious Circle


Pro Skater Stars in Groundbreaking Latino-Themed Drama

Emily Rios of “Quinceanera” fame hooks up with pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez Jr. in North Hollywood this week on the set of “Vicious Circle,” a high-concept coming-of-age drama that begins principal photography this week.

Paul Rodriguez, Jr., or P-Rod, holds two gold medals from the X-Games in skateboarding. P-Rod is so highly regarded as an athlete that he is the face of Plan B Skateboards and one of only five people in the world with a shoe named after him by Nike. Paul Rodriguez, Sr. is a co-star as well as P-Rod’s father.

Emily Rios is known for her role in “Quinceanera,” which won the Audience Award and the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival this year.

Monday morning, P-Rod is already busting kickflips and ripping up all the skateboard props made for him before shooting starts. Emily Rios walks about the set in one of P-Rod’s Plan B hats. Co-star Clifton Powell arrives Tuesday morning from Washington with a big smile, as P-Rod scorches his feet filming a scene where he runs barefoot on the rooftop of a school.

The film is the feature debut of writer/director Paul Boyd, who has had a remarkable career directing music videos for stars such as Shania Twain, Michelle Branch, and Sting. For “Vicious Circle,” Boyd teams up with producer Joseph Devan Gaudry (Emilio), and director of photography Denis Maloney (Emilio, Chasing 3000).

“Vicious Circle is his baby, he’s been trying to make this movie for a decade now,” says P-Rod about director Boyd. “He’s passionate, he’s working the camera himself, this is the day he’s been dreaming of for the past ten years and he’s really pushing the extra nine.”

And how does P-Rod feel about playing a rocker kid in a film that is not centered around skateboarding? “It’s real fun, I like it because it has a small skate element but it’s mainly a drama. My character, RJ, his style and attitude is nothing like mine. The hardest thing was getting comfortable in clothes RJ would wear, because he’s very punk rock and I’m more hip-hop.”

Set in modern day Venice Beach, “Vicious Circle” is a character study that uniquely examines cause and effect, unintended consequences, and the meaning of brotherhood. Creative and troubled beyond his years, young RJ (Rodriguez) is an artist, a chess master, and on a mission to find out what happened to his dead girlfriend, Angel (Rios). But he’s not the only one. Both cops and a speed-fueled, vicious gangster think RJ has answers and will go to any length to find him.

Other cast members include Perrey Reeves (Entourage), Cody McMains (Everwood, Scary Movie), Richard Edson (Hard Scrambled, Starsky & Hutch), Jacob Vargas (Jarhead, The Virgin of Juarez), and Trevor Wright (Air Buddies).

Information about the film and production updates can be found at www.myspace.com/viciouscirclemovie.