Park Spotting

Anthem Skatepark Las Vegas, Nevada

Answered by Brendan Klein

Where is it?

Just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada in a town called Henderson. The park is named Anthem after the housing subdivision it’s surrounded by.


Go south on Eastern Avenue, left toward Anthem Hills (look for the sign), then left on Reunion.

What’s in the park?

One side of the park has got a tasty twinkie in the middle that points toward an overhead quarterpipe. On both sides of the twinkie are big round corners that lead into the other parts of the park. One of the corners leads into the snakerun, which has hips of different shapes and sizes, round pockets, and a tombstone extension. The other corner leads into the “street” course, which has a few nice hips and a fun bank to wall. Across from the bank to wall is a pyramid with a flatbar and a kinked rail. Hidden in the back of the park is one of the funnest park bowls around. A left-hand kidney with a fast shallow end and a good deep end topped with well-set metal coping. The entire park is smooth concrete and big metal coping that grinds very smoothly.

Who designed it?

SITE Design Group (—another good park.


Sunup until midnight.

Does it have lights?

Yes, sir.

What’s good about it?

It’s free! The barbecue pits on both ends of the park are nice, too. Oh, it’s also fun to skate. One of the better parks I’ve skated recently.

What’s bad about it?

Bikes and blades.

What pros skate there?

Ragdoll, Vinny Vegas, Kenny Anderson. You might also see Ryan Fabry, Paul Smith, and Matt Ball destroying the park.

Any admission fees?

Nope, it’s as free as OJ.

Do you have to wear pads?

Only if you want to.

What about cops?

They show up to kick the bikers out, but from what I’ve heard they don’t even enforce that very well.

When does it get crowded?

Every day the park is completely empty up to 3:00 p.m. when the schools let out.

What are the chances of getting beat up?

I’d say you’re chillin’ as long as you’re not on a bike or wearing blades.

One to ten rating.

It’s a 7.5.