Park Spotting Chicago Illinois

Park Spotting
31st Street Skatepark
Chicago, Illinois

This park was originally designed by the skateboarders of Chicago, formatted so you could hit everything in one run. But when the construction team-hired by the city, of course, who understands nothing about skateboarding-finally finished the cement structure, the skateboarders arrived to see that the skatepark they designed had been changed in so many ways that it wasn’t half the park they intended it to be. Don’t get me wrong-I’d be stoked to have this thing in my city, instead of an empty void.

The park is equipped with bank-to-ledges, a couple Euro gaps, a pyramid, banks, bank-to-walls, straight ledges, circular ledges, and a flatbar. The bowls are okay, but the trannies all have cracks at the beginning of them, making it a little sketchy to feel comfortable. The pad thing isn’t enforced, but you can only skate until it gets dark.

Let this be a reminder to cities that are planning to build a concrete park: at least one skateboarder should be involved in the entire process, it’ll help so much for so little.-Brayden Knell