Some of the Pass ~ Port boys are rolling around Tokyo for the next few weeks and will be sending us updates from the streets every few days. Here’s the first post with some photos of their arrival to Tokyo. Check back for more updates as these dudes tour around Japan and dive head first into their culture while hitting some of the sickest spots imaginable. And follow along with the entire trip on Instagram using #TokyoTransPortal!

PHOTOS / Thomas Robinson
CAPTIONS / Cameron Sparkes

Two people who are already spoilt rotten with an amazing public transportation system in their hometown of Melbourne (Callum Pall and Geoff Campbell) try and navigate the team to our accommodation in Sasazuka Tokyo using rude hand gestures and alcoholic beverages.

Josh, Juan, Callum and Trent heading out for a shopping spree in “Shiboooooyyyyaaaaa!!!!”

Young Nik AKA “Stippo” is an extremely naughty boy and got in alot of trouble for skating this wheel chair ramp in Tokyo. He snuck in a very naughty ollie first try for all the Japanese school girls out there who he will be (most likely) unable to communicate with due to language barriers and poor “skate trip” personal hygiene. Don’t stress…… he will most definitely “finger” the most spots on this trip because he isn’t an old loser like everyone else.

Its always inspiring to see my good mate/”media team” partner George Kousoulis chuck spots “on the dog” when the occasion calls. George is probably better than most of the people he films but he’s too much of a nice guy to let people know they are complete stinkers. This bank spot in Tokyo is no walk in the park but after a few “Chu-Hi’s” anything is possible! F/S five-0 to fakie for the SKATE-ROCK crew.