Another quick update from the Pass~Port dudes in Tokyo. #TokyoTransPortal

PHOTOS / Thomas Robinson
CAPTIONS / Cameron Sparkes

boysh_bride_crossing copy.jpg

A slightly sketchy entrance to a downtown Tokyo spot. All the boys decided to fill up their water bottles from the river pictured below. “Time travel” was officially achieved between 20-30 minutes later. P.S Geoff can’t swim.


A delicious evening out skating for Geoff. For anyone unfamiliar with Mr Campbell…he’s a lovely young man who is clearly a a full blown masochist. Full Definition of MASOCHISM. 1. : a sexual perversion characterized by pleasure in being subjected to pain or humiliation especially by a love object. In most cases, his long time mate and dear friend Callum Paul is the “love object”.

stippo_traino_b&w copy.jpg

Young Stippo navigating his way through the Tokyo subway network. A young lady to the right clearly offended by Stippo’s “skate trip hygiene” aroma.


Stippo entertaining the fat old losers with a FS ollie on a very steep and popular public urination area in Tokyo. P.S the rest of the team skates too…..I promise.

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