Passion, Satan and the Bullet: Lizard Supra Shoe Release


Let me get your picture…wait, one more.




There we go. Frecks, Lizard and BB throw up for the occult and Lizard’s new shoe The Bullet.


Footsies is one of Lizard and crews’ stomping grounds and it was packed…After I took this, some guy was like, “You got a license for that flash?” Sorry everyone.


Flip flicks for Deathwish, while Braydon goes nomadic…savin’ money on rent.


Two of the LSDemons, Nuge and DJ Roy (not pictured Slash), held it down for the night. “You got any Wicked Lady?” Frecks might have been asking. But, who knows?


Desert Breeze? Guess who…Baca of course. Dude was bouncing around the bar all night, jamming to the tunes in his own headphones.


I don’t know why, but I found it interesting that a chunk of the Nike team was there. But, then again, everyone loves a party. The enigmatic Grant Taylor hides as Hassler takes a break from being his regular mellow self. Two different ends of the spectrum, but these dudes rip.


Thomas Bonilla hustled the pool table for a good chunk of the night.


Used to kick it with Natural Koncept’s Trevor Uriona back in Colorado. Trevor, mysterious girl and filmer/ripper extraordinaire, Lannie Rhodes, ham it up for the camera.


Not only did Pierre Luc Gagnon hold Lizard to his drunken word and make him skate the Mega Ramp, but his initials are tattooed on Lizard’s wrist. Of course he made it to his shoe release party.


Nike dudes, again…Clark Hassler and Wieger Van Wageningen pose with master lensman Yoon Sul.


It was right around the time I saw this girl in the distance and Frecks and I were like “Mar! [Marisa Dal Santo]”, that I realized it was getting late and I had to go home. Congrats Lizard!