The Pass~Port dudes are still moving. Here’s another quick update from #TokyoTransPortal. Stay tuned for a few remaining posts to see where these dudes end up next!

PHOTOS / Thomas Robinson
CAPTIONS / Cameron Sparkes

The train from Yokohama back to Tokyo is thoroughly revitalising and delicious!

This is the “main strip” near our temporary place of residence in Tokyo. A lot of orange going on here…… that’s all I got.

Looking good “Puddy Peepers”!! Thanks to Callum Paul for helping Geoff “Get the look!”

We lost.

Josh Pall with a slappy BS 50-50 in Yokohama. Josh is sitting next to me so I can’t really write anything funny or cheeky. Sorry.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that eating two of these a day is bad.

Stippo has killed it this trip! He has truly earned this pink hat.

Whoever invented this slippery slide deserves a medal and blowjob everyday for the remainder of their life. Callum pulling a Thomas Robinson tribute manoeuvre known as the “reverse cane toad”.