The #TokyoTransPortal has come to an end. Here is the final update from our friends at Pass~Port. Keep your eyes peeled for an epic edit from the trip dropping very soon! And lurk the #TokyoTransPortal hashtag on Instagram to see what’s been going on.

PHOTOS / Thomas Robinson
CAPTIONS / Cameron Sparkes

A lovely group photo of everyone on the trip that no one told me about. Maybe Trent photoshopped me out because he is going to fire me!?

Our wonderful tour guide/translator and everything in-between, Lawrence O’Keeffe also rips like a complete “sicko”! Here, he executes an extremely handsome nose blunt slide whilst narrowly escaping a pack of angry, heartbroken Japanese girls he never “called back”. For legal reasons Thomas had to photoshop the Japanese girls out of the photo 🙁 Sorry perverts.

I have nightmares about Callum Pall exposing me on a train with my recent “sex toy” purchase. Geoff “puddy peepers” Campbell taking out the “Eli Reed” award this trip. Good stuff Geoff!

Callum Pall or “clownslaw” with a clearly intoxicated 50-50 in Harajuku. That little light trail looks abit suspicious….just quietly.

The big boss Trent Evans wants everyone to know that the clear umbrella sitting there proudly belongs to him. PASS~PORT “Brollies” coming soon (I hope…..seriously…’s fucken wet today!).

Trent with a nicely poised nose slide for all the discarded, clear umbrella’s out there. That’s the last clear umbrella reference for the blog. Sorry to all the “brollie” enthusiasts who have been following us up until this point. Anyway…..For a man who rides trucks so loose it appears he’s riding a “water bed”, Trent fucken rips!