Pat Wachter Pro Bowl Contest RESULTS

The weekend’s tranny terror in Alabaster, Alabama is over with Lance Mountain bringing home the bacon in the Masters division, Benji Galloway in the Pros category, and Cressey Rice in the Ladies division. It was all part of the first-annual Pat Wachter Pro Bowl Contest, and you know the results are legit when special guest judge Christian Hosoi is in the house. Here are the full results…


1. Lance Mountain
2. Steve Steadham
3. Ray Fennessey
4. David Smith
5. Dave Duncan
6. David Ector
7. Jimmy O’Brien
8. Scott Hughston

1. Benji Galloway
2. Tim Johnson
3. Jimmy “The Greek” Marcus
4. Steve Reeves
5. Morgan Burgess
6. Sergie Ventura
7. Johnny Turgeson
8. Donovan Rice
9. Josh Sandoval
10. Joe Marrara

1. Cressey Rice
2. Susie Strege
3. Jen Stranko
4. Megan Mabry
5. Dana Burgess
6. Ladonna Williams
7. Courtney Payne