Paul Rodriguez’s Latest Hollywood Film

P-Rod is back on the silver screen, again. His latest Hollywood movie is called Vicious Circle and will premiere later this month at the HBO New York Latino International Film Festival. Thoughts? Questions? Yeah, we’ve got ’em too. Read on for the full press release…

The amazingly talented athlete has skated his way into his first feature film, VICIOUS CIRCLE, which is making its World Premiere on Friday, July 25th, 2008 at the HBO New York Latino International Film Festival!!!

Set on the streets of Venice Beach, CA, VICIOUS CIRCLE follows 18 year old RJ (“P-Rod” / Paul Rodriguez Jr.) as he runs through the streets of LA with a blood stained shirt and a gun in his backpack. Leaving the audience to wonder “What happened?”

RJ is an artist and skater with a heart of gold. He dreams of moving to New York City to pursue his aspirations to create comic books. His hand-made sketchbook demonstrates his unique talent and acts as a portal between fantasy and reality. A strong influence of the game of Chess from RJ’s incarcerated father permeates his art and life; RJ lives by the rules of the game.

Soon, RJ meets his first love Angel (Emily Rios), a rebellious singer in a local teenage punk band. Their unexpected story of true love causes the tides to turn in both lives, and RJ reveals a secret that will cost the life of his new love.

Friday, July 25th, 2008
Director’s Guild Theatre
110 West 57th St.
(Between 6th and 7th Avenues)
New York NY

I’m sure you’ve heard the name Paul Rodriguez . The 20-year-old Paul shares his name with his father, a famous comedian and TV star. But, Paul is just as well known in skateboarding, as his father is in his profession. He goes by the name Paul Rodriguez without the “Jr.” and is also referred to by the nickname “P-Rod” which was given to him by his older cousin.
Rodriguez excels in the genre of street skating, which uses environmental objects such as stair rails, curbs and benches as launching pads for tricks. He is also well respected for his technical mastery on a skateboard. Paul has been called “one of those few skaters who were born to skate.”
P-Rod is so highly regarded as an athlete that he is the face of Plan B Skateboards and one of only five people in the world with a shoe names after him by Nike. In 2005, Nike SB released its first signature model skateboard shoe, the Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez. And Rodriguez has the distinction of being the only Hispanic to receive a pro model show with Nike, as well as the first skateboarder to receive this honor.
Paul loves spending his time skating with his friends at his favorite spots. For having success at such a young age, Paul remains very focused and grounded.

Director/Screenwriter: Paul Boyd
Cast: Paul Rodriguez, Emily Rios,  
Cinematographer: Denis Maloney
Editor: Shane Mclafferty
Producer: Angelyna Boyd
Executive Producer: Mike Martinez, Lisa Martinez, Timothy Martinez, and Juan Villarrea
USA 2008 – Running Time: 90 minutes