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Claiming victory for his first-ever performance at the legendary Hastings Skatepark in Vancouver, Brazilian star Pedro Barros annihilated the park course, sending the capacity crowds wild with staggering airs, fantastic speed, and countless trick after trick combinations. Barros' Canada victory marks his second event win on the 2017 VPS Men's Pro Tour season.

"Fortunately, I was able to come to Canada this year," said Canada event winner Pedro Barros. "This place, everybody, the energy, these guys are true skaters. Thank you, we are all united together!"

Placing second, Sweden's Karl Berglind proved his potential as a new threat to the field, demonstrating impressive trick creativity, fast runs and consistent style from leading the prelims all the way through to landing the second highest score in the finals. Berglind secures a notable back to back podium placement, after celebrating an emotional third place finish in Sweden last month.

Finally, the tour's highest-ranking Men's Pro Tour Challenger in the 2017 World Championship race, Tom Schaar takes third, protecting his lead, and remaining focused stop after stop.

Huge airs, high velocity speeds, and boisterous crowds fueled today's Vans Park Series Men's Pro Tour global qualifier in Canada, as the world's best park terrain skateboarders ripped through Hastings Skatepark to better their global rankings on the road to the VPS World Championships in Shanghai on September 23.

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VPS Canada Men’s Pro Tour – Final Results
Pedro Barros
Karl Berglind
Tom Schaar
Ivan Federico
Cory Juneau
Robin Bolian
Trey Wood
Alex Sorgente