Vegan Skateboard Pro Urges Young People to Kick the Meat Habit

Norfolk, Va. — The folks at—PETA’s alternative Web site that encourages members of Generation “Why? to fight for animal rights—nearly flipped when skateboarding pro Laban Pheidias, a lifelong vegetarian, offered to star in a new PETA pro-vegetarian ad. Now the ad, which was produced and directed by Laban’s pal Dave Bergthold—TV producer, owner of Blockhead Skateboards and Smash Technologies, and also a vegetarian—is getting a big-time national debut, thanks to Fusion TV, a nonstop action show that runs on Fox Sports. Although PETA originally planned to pay to run the spot a limited number of times on Fusion TV, the show’s producers were so impressed with it that they are running it—for free—through the end of the year.

Why are Laban, Dave, and PETA so down on meat? Consumption of meat and other animal products is responsible for intense animal suffering, environmental devastation, and a host of life-threatening illnesses, including heart disease, strokes, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

“Three million animals are killed every hour in the U.S. for meat, says Laban. “Meat is full of steroids, antibiotics, fat, and cholesterol—I don’t want to put that in my body! Farming animals is what is depleting our soil, choking our oceans, and burning our rain forests.

The ad was originally seen at the PETA2 booth at each stop on this summer’s Warped Tour and will also be seen in Laban’s enormously popular American Misfits video at the Lost Film Fest, which will visit colleges nationwide this fall.

“There are so many healthy and tasty vegetarian options out there, adds Laban, who steers viewers to PETA’s vegetarian hotline, 1-888-VEG-FOOD, where they can order free vegetarian starter kits.

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