PLG Ties Lasek For Most Skateboard Vert Golds

Pierre-Luc Gagnon defended his X Games gold medal tonight in a fight to the finish with four-time Skateboard Vert gold medalist Bucky Lasek. His victory over last year's silver medal winner means he is now tied with Lasek for the most gold medals in X Games Skateboard Vert.

Gagnon dominated the competition early on, throwing best-trick contest winning moves in the first round. He fell on his first two of five runs in the finals, and momentarily opened up the door for Lasek, who then set off the match by dropping into the ramp switch and executing a string of difficult tricks like the McEgg.

PLG rose to the occasion, throwing multiple 720 melons and nollie flips into his final runs to regain the lead.

"I was so inspired by P-Rod's comback in Street today," said Gagnon. "I watched him and thought, 'I could do that.' I was also so hyped on the design of the gold medal. I was like, 'I gotta get me one of those!'"

Because Andy Macdonald qualified for the finals in fifth place he was slotted last in the running order in the finals and was only able to complete four 30-second runs in the fast-paced 12-minute jam session. The other four skaters got in five runs, but it didn't stop Macdonald from beating out Danny Mayer and Alex Perelson for the bronze.

Macdonald has skated in every single X Games since it started in 1995. Tonight's bronze medal brings his total X Games medal count to 18.

1.    Pierre-Luc Gagnon     Carlsbad, Calif.
2.    Bucky Lasek              Baltimore, Md.
3.    Andy Macdonald        San Diego, Calif.
4.    Danny Mayer            Omaha, Neb.
5.    Alex Perelson            San Digeo, Calif.
6.    Bob Burnquist           Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
7.    Rune Glifberg           Copenhagen, Denmark
8.    Sandro Dias             Santo Andre, Brazil
9.    Rob Lorifice              Encinitas, Calif.
10.  Adam Taylor             Coco Beach, Fla.

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