Powell Team News 11/03

Rodney Jones-

We can start this month by saying I left Cali the day the fires broke out and returned right when they were put out! Talk about good timing! I just got back from B-more. I went home for 8 days for my 25th birthday and for Halloween! I had a great time hanging out with everyone because I haven’t been back there in almost a year. I filmed a nice 5 trick line while I was back that you will be able to check out on the Bones Wheels web site. Also I got a copy of the new Interstate video. A east coast video magazine which I have two parts in. You can also see me falling into the trash pit known as the “Water Gap”-—A video clip everyone can enjoy! I heard that after the floods back east happened, the water gap landing floated off to sea. Goodbye to all those sessions and lost skateboards. If anyone is interested, they can get a crab net and fish out all the lost boards over the years. The Swiss may be rusty but they are still Swiss.

Anyway the next thing I have planed is going to L.A.. for the ASA contest for $30,000.00 Whoo Weeee. Someone let the light shine on the back of my red neck for that day! I also heard that I might be on a road trip with Savier to the “Make A Wish” contest in November. Also check out the new Europe Video 2003 cause I’m all over that piece.

Pat Channita has been skating around the house during the week and filming on the weekends. He will also be competing in a contest in November and will be going to St Louis for an ESPN skatepark demo. He was just featured on 54321, a cable show on Fox Sports Net.

Danny Wainwright won the Etnies Swiss European Open and the DVS European Open in Italy last month, then he just won his 3rd contest in Montpellier this month! Contest man Dan! Plus, over the summer he did great in all the contests and won the best trick in Prague with this backlip. TM Olsen will be delivering Danny his next box and hanging out in England for a week to finish up the photos for an upcoming US mag interview.

Steve Caballero

The Faction Played a killer show in Chico, Ca Halloween weekend. The new Tony Hawk’s “Underground” video game just came out and Steve has a new character look and special moves to add, the game rocks!

November 8th. Going to an antique “annual” car show ( my birthday present), in Pleasanton, Calif. to look for a 1930-32 Ford coupe chopped “hotrod” to add to my car collection and a cool ride to cruise around town in.

Cab’s been skating Sunnyvale outdoor skate park and riding Motocross a lot Lately, getting ready for the “SkaterCross” So-Cal tour, Nov. 14th-17th.

Steve has an art show Nov. 13th at RED INK galleries in Santa Row in San Jose that will show some of my black and white prints.

I just got on Autobahn wheels and I’m getting a signature wheel pretty soon.


Oliver Buchanan has a girlfriend? This might be true. Looks like while he has been hanging out recovering from his knee surgery, he has been working on his social skills and hanging out with a girl. Read Olivers’ story about his time in California when he was hurt.

Silas Baxter-Neal it has been raining a lot so Silas is trying to keep dry skating when he can and in the Savier warehouse. He might go up to Seattle to skate with his hommie, Adam Crew if the weather is good. Savier seems to be stepping it up for Silas, he’s been getting more shoes and his name is on the website for their am team.

Jordan Hoffart is working and is saving money to come out to California in early December. He will drive down from Vancouver and skate all the way down, ending up in Carpinteria with TM Olsen and Jordans’ brother from another mother, Aaron Perko. Jordan is also trying to plan some skate trips out to Barcelona and Japan!

Aaron got 2nd place in best trick at the Volcom Damn am contest. Aaron has also been trying to get a sequence with TM Olsen for a Powell ad. TM Olsen and Venture TM Ears are trying to co-ordinate it so Aaron has his Powell ad andVenture ad come out at the same time, so look for those in the upcoming months. Did you know Aaron can do kickflip bench press grinds on a helicopter blade?! if not, you better read Aarons’ interview and photos

Tyler Hansen has some footy in the 411 Europe video from his Billabong European trip this past summer. Tyler is also getting some shoes from Savier. Dir – T as we like to call him is currently resting up as he has some injured ribs from years ofsleeping on the floor. He bought an air mattress, so watch out as Tyler moves up in the world. Tyler likes to play video games, but why is he dancing in a clip in the new Tony Hawk Underground? The world will never know.