Preternatural Ponderings

Skateboarding Loses To Softball

Of all the beer-fueled sports, I would place skateboarding firmly in second position only being edged out by softball. So why won’t the softball players of Duluth, Wisconsin accept athletes of a similar drunken genre?

According to the Duluth News Tribune, John Vaydich, president of the Duluth Softball Players Association, believes there is an understanding that Wheeler Field was only for adult recreation, therefore a skateboard park could not be built there. Cutting through the media spin one sees that Mr. Vaydich is only worried about appearing to be a lightweight during the infamous “beer inning” or losing his cleanup hitter when he tries to drop in “like he used to when he was a little fucker.”

Skateboard UFO In China?

Last November several airline pilots reported a UFO near the Chinese city of Nanjing. A pilot for a Shandong airline described the object as a white and blue skateboard-shaped craft. In recent years there has been a vast surge in the number of similar UFO reports in China.

I speculate that this could possibly be conclusive evidence that the hover-boards from Back To The Future II are not only real but the urban legend that mothers’ groups curtailed the hover-boards’ release in the United States was also based in fact. These boards must have been smuggled out of the U.S. in the early 90s and only recently made their way to China. Source:

City Cops Enjoy Hassling Skateboarders?

Last November the city of Tacoma, Washington opened a new 375,000-dollar skateboard park not deter kids from skateboarding in the streets but to give Tacoma’s own blue and white a vast harvest of youngsters to insult and assault.

When police came to the park looking for a robbery suspect they took a few moments to handcuff and slam a seventeen year old into the doorjamb of a squad car. According to The News Tribune, the boy was not nearly as upset about his wrongful arrest as he was about the cops periodically coming down to the skateboard park just to harass kids. Source:

Vegas Skateboarding Dog Prodigy!

Sabrina, a Las Vegas skateboarder, was recently in the news for her amazing talent on a skateboard. Sabrina began skating only a few months ago and has yet to incur a single injury. What’s the big deal, you ask?

Sabrina is a one-year-old English bulldog who taught herself to skateboard. If her owner would start blowing bong hits in her face, she might work up the courage to be the first American dog to front board a handrail. Haven’t Brazilian dogs been doing this for years? Source:

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