Pro Choices June 1998

Last issue we introduced Pro Choices, a column to let you in on what some of today’s prominent skateboarders have in mind when choosing the products they ride. This time we rounded up some pros to ask what they’re looking for in a truck, and this is what they had to say.

Tim Brauch


“I ride Independent 136s. I’ve ridden for them for five years. I try to ride them as long as possible, probably four months. Usually I don’t have problems with them. They make one style of truck, but different colors. I like the black ones, but I usually just ride the regular silver ones. The colors don’t look bad; they’re not crazy colors, they’re pretty normal. I’ve only broken one Indy four years ago. It was ground down to the axle, so any truck would’ve broken.”

Ed Templeton


“I ride Thunders, and I like the high ones. I like riding higher; I put two risers on. I ride really loose trucks, and I need that space so my wheels don’t hit my board. I think I ride the longest ones, 147s. They don’t have a 215 or anything like that.”

Tony Hawk


“I ride Tracker Hawk trucks. There are three sizes. I ride the 139s. I like them low, but not so low that I rub out. A pair of trucks will last until I give a board away¿I have rarely replaced a set of trucks because they are old.”

Chany Jeanguenin


“I’ve ridden Mercurys for a year. They make three different sizes, and I ride the smallest, 5.0¿the white ones. I’ll ride them for probably two or three months. I’ll ride them until my bolts get stripped and I can’t take my wheels off. I like keeping my trucks for a while, because they feel better and better.”