Pro Choices November 1998

What’s your favorite skateboarding video?

Bucky Lasek, Birdhouse

I think I like Animal Chin best because of the different perspective it had on skating. It was like a movie; I mean, it was cornball, but that’s why I like it. Wait, I like Second Hand Smoketoo. Was that it? Was that the really good Plan B video? I can’t remember … I think that was it that one. That one had good skating in it.

Danny Way, Alien Workshop

I like Future Primitive. I like the old Powell videos best out of all skate videos. They had good humor and were shot well. Some of that shit … like Lance Mountain doing all his stuff¿Lance ruled. It was mainly Lance that made them funny. Now, people try to make funny videos but they can’t¿Powell was ahead of its time.

Bob Burnquist, Anti-Hero

Virtual Realitywas the best¿when Colin and Danny came up with all that vert stuff. I was in Brazil when I saw it, and it blew me away. We’d just finished our Anti-Hero video, and it made me appreciate all the work that goes into it. I did probably 60 percent of the editing. That’s a lot of work that goes into videos.