Pro-tec Pool Party Heat Lists Announced

Pro-tec Pool Party Heat Lists Announced
“The Combi has always had the best design and with renovation everyone is going to find out tomorrow that this is the best pool in the world.  If you thought the skating was good last year, you’re going to be blown away.” – Steve Caballero

The 6th Annual Pro-tec Pool Party presented by Rockstar Energy Drink is TOMORROW at the Vans Skatepark in Orange. Catch a live HD webcast of the entire event powered by FUEL TV at from 3:00 pm to 9:30 pm.  The event is also streaming live through the Fuel TV iPhone App for the first time.  Tune in for a chance to score a custom Pro-tec Pool Party Epiphone Coronet Guitar, an iPod loaded with John Cardiel's playlist and gift packs from Vans and Rockstar.

Check the stacked heat lists below.  For more,

MASTERS HEAT #1:               MASTERS HEAT #2:
Chris Miller                       Lance Mountain
Steve Steadham                      Mike McGill
Christian Hosoi                      Jeff Grosso
Tony Mag                       Lester Kasai
Mike Smith                       Dave Reul
Mike Barnes                       Lonnie Hiramoto
Mark Partain

MASTERS HEAT #3:               MASTERS HEAT #4:
Steve Alba                       Pat Ngoho
Josh Nelson                       Duane Peters
Nicky Guerrero                      Ben Schroeder
Ken Fillion                       Mark Red Scott
Mike Rogers                       Brian Pennington
Eric Nash                       Eddie Reategui
Dave Duncan                       Cara-Beth Burnside

PRO HEAT #1:                      PRO HEAT #2:
Bruno Passos                      Jimmy the Greek
Tim Johnson                       Rob Lorifice
Lincoln Ueda                      Matt Boyster
Josh Rodriguez                      Evandro Menezes
Pedro Barros                      Ben Raybourne
Zack Miller                       Nolan Munroe
Bob Burnquist                      Grant Taylor

PRO HEAT #3:                      PRO HEAT #4:
Nathan Beck                       Darren Navarette
Tyler Mumma                       Darin Jenkins
Bucky Lasek                       Alex Perelson
Rune Glifberg                      Sky Siljeg
Jackson Pilz                      Josh Borden
Bennett Harada                      Sergie Ventura
Omar Hassan                       Michael Brookman