Public Skatepark Development Guide Second Edition Released

Indispensable Handbook For Public-Skatepark Creation Is Revised, Re-Printed, And Available.

01/19/09 (Vista, CA)—The Public Skatepark Development Guide, the indispensable handbook for public-skatepark advocates, is now available in an updated and improved second edition. First published in 2007 by the Tony Hawk Foundation, Skaters For Public Skateparks, and the International Association of Skateboard Companies, the ultimate guide for community-skatepark advocates was available for free, and supplies quickly disappeared.

The new 128-page second edition features updated information and expanded chapters, including skatepark vision, advocacy, fundraising, design, and management, plus several supplements and visual aids. Author Peter Whitley revisited the material and compiled updates from dozens of experienced skatepark advocates around the country to make the Public Skatepark Development Guide second edition even more informative and helpful than the original version.

At its meeting in December, the Tony Hawk Foundation Board of Directors voted to fund the printing of the second edition so that this valuable resource could once again be made available to the public for only the cost of shipping. To order the book, visit

The Tony Hawk Foundation's Spring 2009 grant season is officially underway, and the grant application can be accessed via the Foundation's Web site. The deadline for completing Tony Hawk Foundation Skatepark Grant applications for the current season is March 2, 2009. Details are available at