Public Skateparks Resources and Organizations

For everyone that wants a skate park in their town, start here!

Organizations/Resources Working To Build Public Skateparks

DC Shoe Co. and Rob Dyrdek’s Skate Plaza Foundation

Skatepark Association of the USA (L.A. skateparks and skate-rights organization)

Skateboard Advocacy Network (Philly skate-rights group)

U.S.A. Skateboarding (National Governing Body for skateboarding)
This ambitious site “serves as a resource for everyone involved in the process of getting a public skatepark built. It features status and contact info for more than 100 parks currently under construction worldwide, plus extensive lists of industry contacts, design resources, planning guides, and sample documents.

The Tony Hawk Foundation (helps fund public skateparks nationwide) *Several more links to skateboarding advocacy organizations can be found on the Tony Hawk Foundation Web site: