Pushin’ 5 Art Show


Manik Skateboards, in association with BLVD. Gallery,is pleased to present “Pushin’ 5, an exhibitionexamining the aesthetic carnage at the unmarkedintersection of fine art, contemporary graphics andskateboard culture. This show is a follow-up to thehighly acclaimed “PUSH Project exhibition, whichopened in Seattle in 2003 before traveling to LosAngeles, New York and Portland, OR. Like itspredecessor, the show will feature the work of highlyaccomplished artists working in a variety of media.Organized by visual artist and graphic designer NinTruong, together with veteran curator Larry Reid,”Pushin’ 5 debuts in Seattle at the BLVD. Gallery,located at 2316 2nd Avenue, on Friday the Thirteenthof October, 2006.

This exhibition marks the fifth anniversary of theinnovative Seattle-based skateboard enterprise Manik.In addition to facilitating events related toskateboarding culture throughout the region, Manik’ssophisticated approach to skateboard graphics employsan artist-in-residence program in producing theirpopular line of limited edition skate decks andrelated products. New skateboard designs byinternationally recognized photographer CharlesPeterson will be introduced in the “Pushin’ 5exhibition, alongside the grunge era photographs thatinspired his skateboard series. Peterson will bejoined by a broad array of artists including ShawnWolfe, Joe Newton, Maya Hayuk, Marco Hernandez, JesseEdwards, Mary Long, Tim Silbaugh, Ries Niemi,Chikayoshi Satomi, Bigfoot, and Andrio Abero, among ahost of others. New works in painting, sculpture,video, photography and computer graphics will bedisplayed. The installation will mimic the atmosphereof a skateboard shop, incorporating energeticcontemporary art related to urban skateboardingculture.

The “Pushin’ 5 exhibit opens with a festivereception, sponsored by Café Vita, on Friday, October13 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM at BLVD. Gallery in the livelyBelltown neighborhood of downtown Seattle. Admissionis free and all ages are welcome. The exhibitioncontinues through November 4, 2006. A selection ofimages in a variety of formats is available forpublication, and media previews of the exhibition canbe arranged by contacting Nin Truong.

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