Rancho Penasquitos Skatepark, Finesse, other team news.

The homie Rod James that does Finesse Skateboards sent us this email:

We have a new distribution in Vista called Progress distribution which is Finesse skateboards, Savant skateboards, Blues hardware, and Mixtape grip.We also sell other items such as Jessup, assorted truckcompanies and DVDs.

The news with Finesse skateboards is that we have just added Tyrone Olson and Josh Kasper to the Finesse sqaud. We also have five upcoming ams who more than prove themselves in our fifteen minute promo DVD I Am. Both Josh & Tyrone have been skating alot and have lots of footage which will appear in the full length Finesse video due late 2005.

Check out Finesseproducts.com

Mitch Charron is the newest rider on Vancouver’s Village Green.

Gary Collins quit Consolidated.

In case you didn’t know, Willy Santos is riding for GK Trucks (Grindking) and Jedidiah Clothing.

He also sent us these pics of the Rancho Penasquitos skatepark that is making quick progress. Looks to be San Diego’s best park yet.