Ray Barbee On Spy’s Crosstown Team

Known for turning heads with his soulful six-string solos and his signature, smooth skating style, Ray Barbee has now joined the SPY family. Barbee's musical inclination and deep roots in skateboarding make him a genuine fit for the Crosstown Collection—a line of sunglasses inspired by vintage fashion, music, art and life in our urban meets suburban world.

"SPY is a diverse family of team riders, artisans, and passionate cats working on cool things along with creating very esthetically pleasing shades," says Ray Barbee. "It seems like everyone on the team or in the office has a passion for art, music, and doing things right, and I'm happy to be a part of it."

Barbee joins the company of SPY's current Crosstown athletes Joel Tudor, Nate Tyler, Wade Goodall, Darrell Mathes, Ryan Burch and Jared Mell.