Ray Barbee on WeSC

The Inimitable Ray Barbee Becomes A Weactivist!

Stockholm, SE (August 20th, 2007)- WeSC formerly announced this week that legendary skateboarder, artist and no-comply connoisseur Ray Barbee has joined the ranks of the Superlative Conspiracy. Yeah!

“Ray is a perfect embodiment of a Weactivist and the life-after-skate philosophy put forth by our fearless Viking leader Greger. He is an amazing artist and musician, and has truly changed our culture on and off his skateboard, says fellow Weactivist Chris Pastras.Barbee, whose friendship with Pastras lead him to WeSC, has been staple in the skateboard community for nearly 2 decades. From his 1989 breakthrough part in Ban This!-which defined modern day street skating- to his growing role as a respected musician and artist, Ray is truly one of the most influential and respected members of the skateboard community.

“I’ve been spending lots of time with my friends at WeSC since early this year and it’s great to be a part of that community. I feel extremely happy to be working with such a tightly knit group of individuals who are doing such creative and inspiring things with their lives, both within and outside of skateboarding, says Barbee.Currently Barbee is working on multiple music projects, including a project with Tommy Guerrero, Chuck Treece and Matt Rodriguez on their side-project Blcktp. He also has 2 solo albums and a 3rd in the works.

“I’ve followed Ray’s career since back in the 80’s and early 90’s. He had the same smooth street-style that he has now, Says WeSC CEO and co-founder Greger Hagelin. “It’s especially nice to watch his career evolve into an all encompassing mix of skate, art and music. Ray is a true ambassador of the WeSC way and we are truly honored to welcome him to the WeSC Family.