Readers’ Choice Poll 16th Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards

Vote Now for Readers’ Choice in the 16th Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards

The Readers’ Choice Award is special because it’s the only award chosen by YOU. This year we picked seven skaters who killed it in 2013 to be the nominees for you to vote on. Check them out below, then click on over to cast your vote. See who wins at the 16th Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards going down January 7 in Long Beach, California.

2013 TWS Readers’ Choice Nominees:

Backside Smith grind. Photo: Gaberman

Brandon Westgate

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. He closed out Emerica’s MADE Vol. 1 redefining power and pop once again.

Switch bluntslide, photo: BLABAC

Chris Cole

Chris had another huge contest year, winning the Street League stop in Germany, then the whole enchilada in NJ. And just when you think he’s done for the year, he had a full part in Zero’s Cold War.

Kickflip wallride. Photo: GABERMAN

Evan Smith

Evan turned pro this year with his awesome The Evan Smith Experience part and ripped on trips around the world with Element and DC.

Switch frontside bluntslide. Photo: CHAMI

Ishod Wair

From the arenas to the streets, Ishod ripped at contests and in his VX-powered Wair N Tear video part. His part in SB Chronicles Vol. 2 premiering December 3 is gonna be a doozy.


Mark Suciu

Mark joined the adidas team with the much talked about Philly video, turned pro for Habitat, and blazed tech lines around the world.

50-50 to 50-50. Photo: CHAMI

Silas Baxter-Neal

Silas had one of the best parts in Perpetual Motion and his rail-to-rail cover was straight up mind-blowing.

Darkslide. Photo: BLABAC

Wes Kremer

Wes had his pro model shoe drop on DC, unveiled a whopper of a darkslide on our cover, had a shared part in STEE, and continued to grow his worldwide fan base.



Polling ends December 13.