REBATE, Skaters Helping Skaters

With all the great and exciting things that have been going on in skateboarding, from the new opportunities for pros to the availability of top-notch skate parks for skaters all over the world, we have to recognize that life isn’t all roses for some of us.
We’ve all heard the stories about longtime skaters–guys we’ve ridden with or know personally–coming down with a debilitating condition, or having an accident that could have happened to any of us. Those of us who’ve evaded cancer or haven’t slammed so hard we’re mortgaging our homes to pay the medical bills should count our blessings, because over the years it’s happened to several members of the skate community, and continues to.
In discussing how the rest of us could more effectively help those in need, individuals from throughout the skate community have come together to “organize” a network whose goal is to help other skaters. There is no other goal or agenda.
We’re calling it REBATE, and it represents a skater’s second chance, or an opportunity for the rest of us to positively impact the life of one of our brothers/sisters, and to do so in an effective and coordinated way. This is not about politics or alliances or associations or anything like that. It’s a person-to-person network generated from the desire to help others.
REBATE operates like a group of volunteer firefighters, responding to fellow skaters who find themselves in a bad place and need the help. When we get the call, we all know what to do. REBATE does not touch any product or money–we find out who needs help, gain understanding of their situation, and then work with family, friends, and organizations to put on benefits or contribute to existing benefit efforts to help those people. We focus on getting this info out to our network of friends and contacts, the mags and other organizations, etc., to generate donations of all descriptions, (product, art, cash, etc.).¿
You determine how you can help, and you direct that assistance directly to the person in need or organization assisting that person.
While we’re still discussing the details of REBATE, we already have two individuals, Brian Farabegoli and Lee Bender, who could really use our (and your) help:
Brian Farabegoli
Info on Brian:
Event: Silent auction at SkateLab Skatepark in , Florida
When: March 29 (right after Tampa pro)
For more information on the SkateLab event check out
Please send donations by March 1 to 
SkateLab of Florida
c/oBrian Christenson
52 West 3rd street
Atlantic beach
Fl 32233
        Lee Bender
Info on Lee:
Event: Silent auction at Cowtown Phoenix Am contest, April 4–6
For more information on the Phoenix Am event check out
Please send donations by March 15 to
AZPX Skateboards –
7905 E Wilshire Dr
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Attn.: Rob Locker
What to send?
·         New Product (preferably signed)
·         Signed used Product
·         One-off products, samples, etc.
·         Signed skateboard-related art
·         Signed prints from photographers
·         Money
·         Anything else that could help raise money or put a smile back on these guys’ facees.
Some brands have offered their client shops $10 discounts for the month of March with money going directly to Lee and Brian!
¿What we have in skateboarding is so special; we are one big family and most of the time we get on well. Skateboarding has given us all so much, like lifelong friendships, but through the years we have lost some great friends. REBATE is a second chance to help our friends. I say “friends” because even though we may not personally know each individual REBATE would assist, as lifelong skateboarders they are our friends because they are one of us.¿