Red Bull Banked Slalom Skate Contest


November 2, 2002, — Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY will be the venue for the first ever Red Bull Urban Waves contest, where 60 pro and am skateboarders will compete for the fastest time on 1200 feet of “banked slalom” course. Each of the 12 banks are 21 feet long, 6 feet tall with a center point bowl angle of approximately 60 degrees, and almost 2 feet of vertical at the very top. The course will be comprised of 12 “banks,” which will be placed intermittently along the street course, similar to a slalom ski course.

Some of the most respected men in skateboarding will be a part of Urban Waves, including the legend himself, Tony Alva. Tony has had a busy year, including being awarded a lifetime achievement award by TransWorld Skateboarding for his many contributions to the sport. Other “old school” skateboarders in attendance will be Steve Olson (1978 skater of the year) who will be competing, and Red Bull Urban Waves emcee Dave Duncan (a.k.a. “double D”, most recently known for announcing at both the X and Gravity Games). Prizes include trips for two to the Red Bull DHX (Down Hill Extreme) in Cape Town, South Africa.


While most slalom skateboard events have used traditional course aspects such as “banks” in their competition, Red Bull Urban Waves uses a new form of banks never before integrated into slalom skateboard courses. Typically, square or rectangle ramps/banks have been used and, as a long-time slalom skateboarder recently said, “they kinda suck.” Working with the logical movement of slalom skateboarding, the Red Bull Urban Waves course integrates banks familiar to bobsled and luge tracks, just turned on their side.

Come down to Brooklyn and join us in celebrating old school skateboarding in a whole new way! As Tony Alva said “This is a very unique event. Come and check it out. If you miss it, you’re blowing it!”