Resting in Australia, Rest with the Best

TransWorld SKATEboarding

Volume 21 Number 8

file: Resting In Australia

Rest With The Best

Full power relaxation in the Southern Hemisphere.

Story and photos by Seu Trinh

This trip was intended for the Blind riders–Ronnie Creager, James Craig, Gideon Choi, and special guest Cooper Wilt–to gather footage for their new video. After a gruesome seventeen-hour flight and countless security checks, we finally arrived at the Melbourne airport in the early afternoon. We soon got to the hotel, where it seemed as though half the skate community was there as well.

Since I didn't have jet lag, due to the fact that I drank half of a bottle of NyQuil before the flight, Mike Hastie and I immediately took off to shoot photos. Within the first ten minutes, I got my first still and sequence for the trip. I thought this was a sure sign the trip was going to be an easy success.

The ideal agenda was wake up, eat, skate, skate, skate, eat, skate, skate, skate–because we love to skate–eat, drink, party, sleep. The truth of the matter was the agenda went more like wake up (very late), eat (some didn't), play Gameboy (all the time), rest (lots of hours), skate (not today), eat (Hard Rock Cafe), rest (one more time), party, sleep (some with company).

Let me clear up our definition about “resting.” Resting is when you're playing Gameboy while the TV is on and you're listening to your iPod or adjusting iTunes, daydreaming, or calling room to room only to find out that others are also resting. Resting doesn't have to end at the hotel room. You can do it at a skate spot where there're a lot of good marble ledges to sit on.

The first couple days we stayed within a four-block radius due to the fact that we didn't have a tour guide or transportation. We soon got hooked up with Chris, who turned out to be an upstanding mate, much like the rest of the Australian population. We did, however, run into a couple of mean ones, whom we nicknamed “German-Australians.”

At this point, Chris basically saved us from resting for the entire trip. He was kind enough to take us to skate spots other than our hotel rooms. This was the moment when the trip turned around. We now had a skate schedule to keep, although I did have to watch the van take off without me a couple of times because I was eating.

As the end of the trip got closer, I thought to myself, “I have rested in some of the most exotic locations of the world and played Gameboy in the finest hotels money could buy.” We actually got more skating done than I predicted. The trip was full of laughs, good times, and lots of resting. I came home with heaps of photos showing just how much work we actually accomplished, which I'm grateful to show you.

Photo Captions

Cooper Wilt

{Backside flip up from the bank}

Cooper Wilt's backside flip up the bank was unexpected. I thought the spot was done until I saw Cooper still going at it. He dropped in from one bank, ollied over the water gap, up the bank, and backside flipped out of it. I never thought of anybody trying anything out of the bank. That's Cooper's style, he tends to skate spots that others don't consider.

James Craig


A big fan of the iPod and a huge fan of hip-hop, James brought his with him to every spot. Whenever I looked over, James would be bobbing his head and swinging his arms to the music. He's really into his music and is smart enough not to have his iPod end up in the water while hardflipping.

Ronnie Creager

{Switch kickflip nose manual}

Ronnie Creager is one of my favorite skaters. He skates with such ease, but at the same time is so technical. I never doubt he'll make it when he tries a trick because hhe's so talented. With this switch flip nose manual, it was one try per roll of film that didn't take long.

Gideon Choi

{Nollie flip}

Everybody was eager to go out skating on the last day. This spot behind a building looked like it was built for skating. Besides that, every ten minutes a car would pull out of the parking lot and I'd have to move my equipment–still a perfect spot for Gideon Choi to nollie flip. This also happen to be the last photo that I took on the trip.

Ronnie Creager

{Backside 180 nosegrind}

Plastic barriers are the best things to skate and better when they're in abandoned parking lots. The graffiti walls added flair to this photo of Ronnie's backside 180 nosegrind. Although I was lurking in the bushes, without the graffiti this photo couldn't be considered urban art.

Cooper Wilt

{Frontside noseslide transfer}

We saw this spot the night before we skated it. I thought about what tricks everyone would try on it. When we got there it was a different story. The very hot day made people not too motivated to do anything. Exhausted and drenched with sweat, Cooper's frontside noseslide transfer was the only trick tried.

James Craig

{Switch backside heelflip}

With a busy intersection as his landing pad, James barely escaped getting run over while doing this switch backside 180 heelflip. There's nothing more fun than skating a spot with a soft runway, a rough landing, and busy traffic on a hot day.