I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to write about for this issue with the whole retail theme and all, because in all reality, retail isn’t something I tend to think about too often.

Also, the retail topic encompasses such a wide array of subject matter that one could rant and rave about it for days. My dilemma with this whole bit was quickly resolved though, when Saba (the female at TW SKATEboarding Business who makes it all happen) sent me an informative e-mail that sparked the O’Connor mentals into action. After I read the edifying e-mailage, the article began to flow out of me like hot diarrhea from a baby’s sphincter.

The e-mail Saba sent unto me was all about how Payless Shoes is starting a skate-shoe company with Mr. Andy Macdonald.

Ha ha ha ha!

It seemed to be some sort of press release from the corporate nerds at Payless Shoes that went into fine detail as to what the shoes would look like, their affordability, and all of that other noise. It stated that the trademarked icon being displayed on each of the shoes would be a likeness of Andy Mac performing a glorious benihana.

This is the type of great stuff you get when you mix skating with something as brilliant as Payless Shoes.

Now that Payless is going to be sinking their greedy teeth into the skateboarding market, they are at the same time screwing things up for tons of other respectable people out there who own and run legit skate shops around the world. A lot of skate shops make a large portion of their money from selling skate shoes, and many are dependent on that part of their income to continue running a successful business.

Instead, them loot cakes will now go directly to Payless and bypass the skate industry altogether.

Tons of mindless impressionable kids will soon be herded into Payless by their also-mindless parents so that they may now purchase skate shoes in the same type of style that one would approach the purchasing of soccer cleats. This will only add to the cheesiness that skating is being bombarded with nowadays and make it a whole lot easier to put skating on the same lame-ass level as something like Little League. Hooray for that!

This whole idea sucks, and to boot, this is all taking the skate shop completely out of the picture while simultaneously making the world worse for us, and better for the already wealthy heads at Payless.

Payless should never have any affiliations of any sort with skating, and this whole atrocity must be due to some sort of glitch in the system. Let’s keep skating in the skate shops and away from a world where people make skating into something where you get scholarships or a possible varsity letter for doing so.

Stuff like this will suck the flavor out of all of us until there’s no hope, so let’s stop them before they get their budget-ass shoes in the door. Please!