Retailer Tips October 2000

“Pop Quiz”

Just when you least expect it, it’s time for a pop quiz. Relax and take a deep breath. There’s no need for an anxiety attack¿you already know the answers. All the questions are based on Retailer Tips articles from recent issues of SKATEboarding Business. So grab a pencil and paper, and take a moment to quiz yourself and your employees on some of the fundamentals of skateboard retailing.

Instructions: Pick the best answer for each question. Correct answers can be found on page 33. Give yourself five points for each correct answer. Calculate your score and see if you are at the head of your class. If you need to brush up a little, you can look up previous Retailer Tips articles on our Web site at Good luck, and no cheating.

1. Pre-book discounts are _________.
a) A great way for your customers to save money.
b) A great way to increase your profit margins.
c) A ploy companies use to get you to buy more than you can sell.
d) Both A and B.

2. A skateboard workbench in a shop _________.
a) Is optional if you are a legitimate skateboard shop.
b) Can be equipped with the right tools and equipment for approximately 200 dollars.
c) Is a great place to converse with and get to know your customers.
d) Is both B and C.

3. The best way to get promo product for an upcoming event is to _________.
a) Call all the companies in the SKATE Biz Company List.
b) Call your sales rep the week of the event so he can overnight it to you.
c) Convince your vendors of the benefits of participating in your event.
d) Stock up by asking for promo product every time you place an order.

4. If a new skateboard shop opens in your area, you should _________.
a) Lower all your prices and drive it out of business.
b) Call all the companies in the SKATE Biz Company List and complain.
c) Welcome the competition because you have built a solid business with loyal customers.
d) Stop ordering any brands that the new shop carries.

5. To be a skilled softgoods buyer, it is best to _________.
a) Use a size scale that reflects your shop’s actual sales.
b) Analyze your inventory on a regular basis.
c) Know what you like.
d) Do both A and B.

6. When your vendors send you promo product, you should _________.
a) Put the best stuff aside for you and your employees.
b) Call or write them thanking them for their participation in the event.
c) Complain about how little they donated.
d) Price it and put it on the sales floor immediately.

7. When pre-booking softgoods, it is wise to _________.
a) Compensate for employee purchases.
b) Track orders and delivery dates on a calendar.
c) Get your employees’ input on popular styles and trends.
d) Observe all of the above.

8. Assembling a complete skateboard should _________.
a) Take a few hours with the right tools.
b) Take ten minutes or less with the right tools.
c) Be done by the customer at home.
d) Be a service that customers must pay for.

9. You can best handle competition in the marketplace by _________.
a) Building customer loyalty.
b) Offering the lowest prices.
c) Offering superior customer service.
d) Observing both A and C.

10. Glass display cases with small skateboarding accessories can _________.
a) Help you earn those last few dollars your customer is willing to spend.
b) Help increase your shop’s overall profit margins.
c) Be most attractive to your customers when they look full and organized.
d) Do all of the above.

11. Analyzing your store’s inventory is __________.
a) A good way to keep your employees busy with work.
b) A good way to better understand your customers’ buying habits.
c) A waste of time and effort.
d) Something that can only be done with a computer system.

12. Skateboard companies send promo product for demos and events _________.
a) To get the shop employees stoked on their company.
b) To show how much bigger they are than their competitors.
c) Because they have surplus product in their warehouse.
d) To build sales for their brand and show their support.

13. Pro forms are _________.
a) An excellent fringe benefit for your shop employees.
b) How shop teamriders turn professional.
c) A win/win situation for sales reps and shop owners.
d) Both A and C.

14. By working closely with your sales reps, you can _________.
a) Get the most out of your promo requests.
b) Get pro forms for your shop employees.
c) Minimize problems with competitors in your area.
d) Achieve all of the above.

15. A quality bearing press for your skateboard workbench _________.
a) Will save you time when assembling skateboards.
b) Will prevent damage to bearings during installation.
c) Is overrated and of not much use.
d) Will do both A and B.

16. Having a sales contest in the shop can _________.
a) Motivate employees and help turn over product.
b) Be a good way to hassle customers.
c) Increase overhead costs.
d) Be hard to organize and keep track of.

17. Using net terms when purchasing products for your store can _________.
a) Save you money on C.O.D. charges.
b) Allow you to sell some product before you pay for it.
c) Cause problems for your cash flow if you don’t manage them.
d) Do all of the above.

18. You can increase your shop’s overall profit margins by _________.
a) Working closely with your sales reps.
b) Consolidating small shipments with orders from independent distributors.
c) Carrying only hardgoods.
d) Doing both A and B.

19. Glass display cases are _________.
a) A good way to protect small products from being shoplifted.
b) Always getting fingerprints or smudges and must be cleaned constantly.
c) Most attractive to consumers when they look full and organized.
d) All of the above.

20. Motivating shop employees can _________.
a) Increase your payroll and overhead dramatically.
b) Increase customer satisfaction.
c) Increase the store’s overall sales.
d) Achieve both B and C.

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Retailer Tips Quiz Key

1. b, 2. d, 3. c, 4. c, 5. d, 6. b, 7. d, 8. b, 9. d, 10. d, 11. b, 12. d, 13. d, 14. d, 15. d, 16. a, 17. d, 18. d, 19. d, 20. d.