Rest In Peace Ignacio Echeverria

UPDATE – June 26, 2017: Since the attack, tons of footage of Ignacio has been surfacing on the Internet and we just wanted to share this clip of compiled footage featuring Ignacio skating and having a good time with his friends (Serdakos Crew). Although we didn’t know him personally, we can only imagine how fun it would’ve been to have a session with this badass! Nothing but respect.

Thank you Ignacio Echeverria for fighting back against a cowardly act during the terrorist attacks on the London Bridge on June 3rd. The entire story is tragic and we’re sure you’ve all seen the headlines and read the blurbs, but we have nothing but respect, love, and sympathy to Ignacio’s family and friends. And skateboarder or not, we have nothing but respect for his courage and will to drop everything and fearlessly fight for what was right. Never forget, “The great Spaniard with the skateboard.” #IgnacioEcheverria