Ron Whaley back on Santa Cruz

Ron Whaley, Nor Cal legend, is back where he belongs–on the Cruz! Ron has just been added to the Santa Cruz Veterans Division, joining Eric Dressen and Tom Knox. Although Ron is not a veteran of the same era as his new colleagues, he is a true veteran of skateboarding and of the Cruz, and we feel that this is a perfect fit.

“Guarte, fools!” – Jesse Erickson, Santa Cruz Team Manager

“Oh man Ron is back on the Cruz? No way dude.” – Ryan Gray, Marketing Assistant

“Ron rips and he never stopped ripping.” – Tom Knox, Vets Division Teammate

“I’m glad to have the stoned giraffe back.” – Alex Moul, Santa Cruz Pro

“It’s like he never left.” – Mike Frazier, Santa Cruz Pro

“Ron’s the man.” – Eric Noren, NHS filmer/editor

“What can I say, I rip.” – Ron Whaley

Look for Ron in the new Santa Cruz film GUARTE, coming April 2005!


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