OTIS Eyewear, an Australian founded, premium, 100-percent mineral glass lens eyewear brand is pleased to welcome talented and established artist, Russ Pope as brand ambassador. Pope has been a respected artist not only amongst the art world, but also within the skateboarding community. His beginning years were defined by his natural creative talents and his involvement with skateboarding, and he has has never strayed far away from either cultures.
For OTIS, the relationship with Russ allows the brand to continue supporting the creative arts and naturally engage and grow within skateboard culture. With Pope on board, the potential to develop an OTIS art program has become an exciting reality. This new relationship solidifies OTIS's positioning as a progressive and exciting brand. Pope is the first American to officially sign as an OTIS ambassador. He joins Mitch Crews, Asher Pacey, Adam Bennetts and Dino Adrian on the international brand ambassador program – all part of the recently US-launched

“Good looking shades, good friends, and mineral glass lenses, what the hell are mineral glass lenses? I’m still not really sure, what they do though is let you hammer them through droppings, beach trips, pocket journeys, and not come up scratched. Good news for me, ha ha! There are lots of cool looking frames out there, not many with mineral glass lenses. Charlie and crew at Otis are good people… Good combo. Looking forward to working on some cool Otis projects. This is a long quote. Still reading”?—Russ Pope