Two of skateboarding’s finest artists, Russ Pope and Todd Bratrud, will be showcasing new works this weekend in Culver City, CA. Here’s the full press release…


paintings about things we like by artists

JULY 21- AUGUST 15, 2007
Opening Reception:  THIS Saturday, JULY 21, 7-10pm

The Lab 101 Gallery
8530-B Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA. 90232
Phone: 310 558 0911


“That little blinking light of security   (paintings about things we like) will run from JULY 21- AUGUST 15, 2007.   An opening reception for the artists, who will all be present, will be held on Saturday, JULY 21- AUGUST 15, 2007 from 7-10pm  

“In this world of over consumption and endless information we reach out for individuality and freedom. The mass produced product is bland and stale. We get overwhelmed and confused with pointless wars and the threat of extinction. That little blinking light of security is a show  about the simplest pleasures and enjoyment that make artists Todd Bratrud, Brooke Reidt, Russ Pope, Alex Knost, 33, and Albert Reyes tick. The show was brought together to breathe some relaxation ,clarity and laughter to battle these days of overdose information and nuclear reality shows. The night will consist of  paintings and drawings celebrating the artists involved own worlds of freedom, the things they like and the medium they love participating in. In other words – a good reason to get off your couch, turn off the T.V. and have a fun laugh.   – Ben Brough

BROOKE REIDT Brooke Reidt works as much as she worries : Clothing, painting, drawing, wood carvings, a little bit of whatever leaps out of her mind. Her work is a mixture of narrative illustrative portraiture, sweet images of nature and juxtapositional delicate images against her scars from being always on the road.

ALEX KNOST Alex Knost is a twenty-two year old surfer who sings in a band called; The Japanese Motors. He was featured  in the box office Surf film hit; ‘Step Into Liquid’  exposing audiences everywhere to Alex’s genuine character and phenomenal surfing skills. His heroes are Riki Barnes dudes and dudettes.

TODD BRATRUD”Crookston, a small beet farming town in rural northern Minnesota, this is where Todd Bratrud began. Now 32 and living in Costa Mesa CA, he divides his time between making art for Flip Skateboards, the Skateboard MAG, Volcom, Teenage Runaway Urethane, the odd assignments for Burlesque Designs of North America, and the now annual brush with death. Most most of that time is spent doing things alone, thanks in part to massive social issues and an almost complete lack of memory. He stays busy with as many solitary art related projects as possible. By no means is Todd striving to be the best or even good at the “art” he does,  the key has always been that it needs to be fun, or it isn’t worth it at all.” 

33  33 is A 22-year surf veteran from the Big Island of Hawaii. Over the years his art has been enhanced through travels to some of the worlds most exotic locales as he sought out perspectives and cultures the USA didn’t offer. 33 accredits his use of vivid color with bordering black lines to his youth, which gave him an appreciation for tropical settings and clear nights the islands have to offer. “The part I like about art is not just the subject itself but the mistakes and the in between shapes that happen by accident, he says. His ability to combine unique perspectives and culturally familiar influences have allowed him to promote his art, which has made its way into our homes on albuum covers, paintings and clothing, probably without most of you even knowing it and that’s the way he likes it. 33’s personal quest is to “document the now, and create something that inspires future generations is well on its way. He now balances his career as a graphic designer in the infamous Volcom art loft,  making paintings and raising a family in Laguna Beach, Ca.

ALBERT REYESLos Angeles based, and San Francisco Art Institute educated, artist Albert Reyes has a profound passion and respect for conceptual as well as graffiti art. Renowned for his ubiquitous “GIVE” tag, Albert Reyes has a distinctive artistic approach inspired not only by street art, comic books, and contemporary American pop culture but also by contemporary and classical “high art”.  Icons of corporate America and Hollywood, mass media, politics, and consumerism are often drawn into his work with an insolent and even subversive verve; a deliberate and secure hand guides the exquisite execution of his drawings.

RUSS POPE”Russ Pope has been an artist since he was able to hold a pencil. He drew through many days at school when others were doing schoolwork. He drew comic book superheroes at home and invented characters that came to life with the touch of his pencil to paper. When one looks at Russ’s art, it is easy to see that his painting is as integral to his life and sanity as food, water, music, skateboarding and family. The rawness of his work can be felt by viewing the large brush strokes, thick lines and drippy backgrounds of many pieces. One senses music and movement through the application of color, image and brush strokes. Elements of culture, politics, animals and celebration pop out of the base of his art. It is easy to feel freedom, chaos and release when one views Russ’s pieces as a body of work – these feelings are fundamental to his life and work. –J. Bostwick .

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