RVCA Announces Caples, Fletcher, Templeton


RVCA welcomes Ed Templeton back to the brand. Ed started with the RVCA brand before it was a brand and designed the first ANP (Artist Network Program) collection. “I’m so happy to be back in the RVCA family. Looking forward to the skate and art projects in the future!”

It’s also introducing Greyson Fletcher and Curren Caples as its newest skate Advocates.

Greyson Fletcher, the son of RVCA Advocate and legendary aerial surfer, Christian Fletcher, is one of the most exciting skaters to watch. In competition or for fun, Greyson skates with zero limitations and flawless style. When asked about joining the RVCA team, Greyson said "I'm stoked to be a part of the RVCA brand. I remember when they were first coming up and I was getting stuff from Pat Tenore (founder) and its rad to be BACK in the RVCA family! And the crew there is all time."


Born and raised in Ventura, Ca, Curren Caples is the son of Ex-Pro surfer Evan Caples, but Curren decided to take a different path in action sports. Now, Curren is an all terrain skater, amazing at all aspects of the sport. And a great surfer as well. “I am excited to become a part of the RVCA family; RVCA is a family that supports and pushes each other, creatively and competitively – That is truly the image of RVCA that I have in my mind. It feels great to know that RVCA believes in me.”

Curren Caples

Be sure to see Curren and Greyson compete at the US Open in Huntington Beach this weekend. Also, if you are in the area, Ed, Curren and Greyson will be at the RVCA team signing at Jacks Surfboards on Friday, August 1 at Noon.
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