The most anticipated and exciting project to be introduced to the RVCA program in 2007 is RVCA Retail. In September of this year, RVCA conducted a soft launch of VASF – a 4,312sq foot location in San Francisco situated on the iconic corner of Haight and Ashbury. VASF is the first of a number of RVCA retail flagships around the globe (with stores already in the works for Los Angeles, NYC, Tokyo and Sydney).

Combining art, music, fashion and popular culture, RVCA Retail offers an ideal platform to truly represent the brand’s point of difference within the marketplace and offers the ideal stage to illustrate PM Tenore’s vision for the brand. Acting as center stage, VASF showcases the latest RVCA apparel collections as well as unique RVCA product collaborations with the likes of ANP Quarterly magazine, The Cobrasnake, JOYA Candles, Kumba Incense etc. VASF also supports like-minded brands by members of the RVCA family: Gato Heroi longboards, Colab eyewear, The Seventh Letter jewelry, and Caleb Siemon glassware.

Complementing the RVCA product collection is an assortment of books, magazines, DVD’s, and music currated by RVCA advocate’s Family. Family is Los Angeles’ leading underground book and music emporium, founded by Australian born owners, David Kramer, Sammy Harkham and Tahli Harkham.VASF is the ultimate platform to share RVCA’s culture with the brand’s fan base. Showcasing the talents of RVCA’s ANP (Artist Network Program), VASF collaborates with ANP members on a wide variety of projects – Artist Josh Lazcano aka AMAZE executed a piece on the façade of the building prior to it’s opening and skateboarder come artist and ANP Quarterly editor Ed Templeton completed the window displays for the store’s opening.

The culmination of RVCA culture is the gallery space in VASF. The gallery is a special platform for ANP artists. VASF will curate four art shows each year and will provide a new and exciting source of art culture for the local community, working alongside the ANP and local artists and personalities on special projects and events.

Launching the gallery to the public, VASF is proud to announce “Family Tree — an exhibition with the likes of R.Pimple, Phil Frost, Pushead and Craig Stecyk — a show billed to be RVCA’s most premiere event to date. Opening on Thursday 8th November from 7pm, the show will run until December 31st 2007.

1485 Haight St
San Francisco
CA 94117
(415) 701 7822
W www.rvcaclothing.com
B www.rvcaclothing.com/blog/vasf
Opening hours — 11am — 7pm daily