Ryan Sheckler Wins Third Consecutive Dew Cup Streetstyle

The Dew Tour Toyota City Championships wrapped up its final day of competition in Portland today with the finals in skate streetstyle. Ryan Sheckler remains the undefeated champion in skateboard streetstyle, after coming in first for the third consecutive year. Peep his winning run!

Ryan Sheckler, backside tailslide.

Ryan Sheckler, backside tailslide.

The Dew Tour will continue with skateboard street and streetstyle events in Brooklyn, N.Y. September 20-21. The Dew Tour Toyota City Championships will be broadcast on NBC on October 18

For additional Dew Tour event information, visit DewTour.com and the Dew Tour Facebook page.

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Skateboard Streetstyle Championship Final Standings

1. Ryan Sheckler

2. Alec Majerus

3. Curren Caples