éS News

PJ Ladd got a new Land Rover and has made the move to Carlsbad, California. Watch for the PJ Ladd colorway of the éS Accel and Accel Plus in stores in December, and a PJ Ladd shoe from éS sometime in late 2005.

Justin Eldridge and Cale Nuske are now on éS Apparel.

After 794 skaters participated in éS Game of SKATE Amateur series in 2004, the folks at éS knew they had to do something even better for ’05. The éS Game of SKATE series this year will be in over 30 states, and will also include Games of SKATE internationally, with events in Europe, Australia, Japan, and Canada. The new season will kick off with Games of SKATE at Fast Forward in Arizona and Atlanta in January 2005. Check out www.esfootwear.com/gameofskate for more information.

Is Lance Mountain building another pool in his backyard? There’s already a swimming pool, but now there is mysterious tapemarking off an area the shape of a kidney on the grass in his backyard. Hmmm.