On Saturday March 27, 2004 in Escondido, California, the good people at SunDiego, along with Adio shoes and a host of other sponsors, put on the Sports Arena Double-Set Challenge. Jeff King from King Rails made the replica of the San Diego Sports Arena double-set complete with a demo course set up to get the blood flowing. Money was on the line-2,000 bucks for the best huck.

Let’s start out by saying San Diego was representing. Oscar Jordan kept it gangster on the mic along with SST Scott Taylor announcing. The boys from Skate Mafia-Peter Smolik, Dan Connelly, Brandon Turner, and a few other heads-where there. The double-set is a San Diego landmark and so many tricks have already been done there, so if you were from SD, you had to bust out. Greg Myers ripped. He kickflipped the stairs, switch flipped and switch frontside flipped them, too. James Brockmans’ backside 360 ollie was sick. Some unknown soldiers threw tricks in the mix. James McGuiness switch ollied and switch backside 180ed it. Some homey did a double flip that was pretty dope. Shouts out to the dude who tried to early grab and landed on the second set of stairs ... twice. Aaron Perko did a frontside flip.

When it was all over, San Diego local Chad Knight took home the money for throwing down a fakie ollie, a frontside half-Cab, a fakie flip, a switch hardflip, and a switch 360 flip down the double-set of stairs.

All the boys from SD were hyped, because one of their own took home the money. I guess we know who’s buying the next round.