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Colin Kennedy and Rodney Jones join the Savier Pro Team. Representing the brand hard over the past year, both Colin and Rodney have earned their position on the Savier Pro Team. Lots of coverage details on both these cats further on in this release.

The team that’s making it happen out on the street — TM Aaron Astorga reporting:

John Rattray has returned from his latest skate mission to Oregon with Matt Mumford and a few of his other blokes from the U.K. John will be heading back out on the road later this month. John will be returning from Oregon towards the first of November for a scheduled autograph signing at one of our So Cal retailers by the name of O-Zone located in Carlsbad, CA on Sunday November 2nd. John’s new Savier ad in Transworld Skateboarding features John doing a badass backside noseblunt on the love seat of the infamous Pala pool. Rock on John!

Colin Kennedy is On Fire as you may have seen in the new issue of Transworld Skateboarding. Colin has an 8-page mini interview done by fellow countrymen Skin Phillips. The opening spread of the article features a lifestyle shot of Colin chillin’ in the Savier trainer jacket. Following that is a sick 2 page color action shot of Colin standing tall on a nice switch five-o displaying several Savier S logos on the bottom of his board. The spread uncovers Colin rockin’ a Savier chest logo t-shirt while switch crooked grinding a nice round rail. The closing spread is yet another beautiful photo of Colin doing a nice switch backside flip. All in all, a killer little personal interview along with some great action photo’s. Big props to Colin on a killer article. Colin, we’ll be waiting for your photo incentive submission — try not to run out of ink while you’re writing it up!

Shaun White has come off a very successful contest circuit. He’s beginning to hit the snow for the upcoming winter, and will be training in skate whenever possible. Keep your eyes peeled to MTV for an upcoming edition of Crib’s — Shaun continues to haul in the mainstream coverage for Savier…

Rodney Jones has been laying low back in San Diego after tearing some muscle off his ribs during a practice session while in Toronto for the West 49 Canadian Open October 3rd-5th. Rodney is already feeling better and should be back in action in another week or two.

Jason Masse just returned from a month long trip in Minnesota. Jason said they scored a bunch of good photos so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for some good coverage of Masse showing up soon.

Alysson Castro has also returned from a recent road trip with Mike Vallely. Alysson showed up to the 5th annual Tim Brauch Memorial skate jam in Milpitas, CA to pay his respects to Tim and check out the contest. Alysson rolled his ankle while on his road trip so he was content with hanging out and checking out the action. You may have noticed a nice full page in Transworld last month of Alysson lipsliding a big hubba ledge with a large Savier logo prominently placed on the bottom of his board — good job Alysson and again let’s here it for pullin’ down the photo incentive!!!!.

Jake Palu also came down from SF to pay his respects to Tim and skate in the am event where he threw down some good tricks.

Savier Am’s Abdias Rivera and Phil Trotter will be flying out to California for the Dam Am finals at the Volcom warehouse in Costa Mesa CA, October 23rd – 26th. Following the Dam Am Abdias will be heading up to San Francisco to skate and shoot photo’s in the city till late November. Abdias is a true skate rat couch surfing his way to stardom.

Amanda Kitt has flown the coupe and relocated up to the bay area where she has roomed up with fellow shredder Amy Caron. Amanda will also be attending school and skating around the bay area.

Dave Rosenburg took a trip down to Chile with his Chilean native roomy Danny Fuenzalida. We hope Davve’s trip is going well and hopefully they come home safe and with some great stories of skateboarding in Chile.

Savier flow ripper Kevin Booker finally got out of Arizona and returned to his home state of Virginia to chill and skate with friends for a while.

Colt Bowden has been posted up down in Brea, CA all summer ripping his way onto the new Low Clothing poster with a nollie 360 flip down a nice big set of stairs.

Mark Robinson was spotted in Costa Mesa, CA for the premier of the new Darkstar video. Mark also caught up with new Savier TM Aaron Astorga for a few.

Nolan Lee is MIA, Michael Patterson is posted in Washington, Patrick Steiner is wishing he could fit into Abdias’s carry on bag to come out west for the Dam Am.

Savier Sponsors ‘Soled Out’ Show in NYC — September 10, 2003

A diverse grouping of skateboarders, sneaker nerds, hipsters, hip hoppers, and fashionistas waited not so patiently in line for the Soled Out Show in NYC last Wednesday night at Club Flow. The crew at, a website devoted to the latest and greatest in footwear styles and trends, are the people responsible for this level of sneaker praise. The Soled Out show is more than a celebration, it serves as an outlet for brands to showcase their footwear to the underground and powerful sneaker elitists, a group that is made up of and influential in our world of skateboarding. This was the third Soled Out Show. The first one took place in LA in December 2002 and the second took place in San Francisco last March 2003. The NYC show was the largest one yet and the next show will be sure to grow in size and popularity. In addition to the sneaker fans themselves the sneaker paparazzi made there way into the show as well. There was some kind of a Footlocker broadcast going on, photos snappin’ all night long, and interviews with the influential sneaker gods taking place left and right.

In addition to the party staples…booze, girls dancing in cages (there really were), and a DJ that I should know, these guys set up a “sneaker bar. The bar stretched the entire length of the room with sneakers lined up behind it. There were even bartenders that served you up a sneaker upon request. Instead of drinking the shoe, you filled out a survey on it. All night there were more people in line at the sneaker bar than at the plain old alcohol bar. The upstairs had a room they call “Sneaker Heaven. This room consisted of a hundred or so sneakers hanging from the ceiling that shadowed some sneaker related art projects. The attitude at the show was 100% positive and it was truly a celebration. There were no trade show like qualities, no orders being written and there were no sales reps scurrying around showing off every little special feature on each shoe. All the brands had the same platform to work with, perhaps the best platform out there…the shoes themselves.

Sneaker Geeks Worship The Trainer

We teamed up with the crew at Fatlace (sneaker freak site on the web) to create a package of limited edition goods we knew would please. Low and behold, when everything went up onto their site, they sold out in minutes. Check out the news and crazy Savier coverage at

45 of these Limited Luxury Edition Trainers will still be available at:

FTC – San Francisco, CA
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