Savier Goes Kaput!!!

Savier, the Portland, Oregon-based shoes, bags, and apparel company, announced plans to discontinue its current business operations effective immediately. Despite its innovative products and strength as an authentic skateboarding brand, Savier was not able to achieve its financial goals in today's challenging retail and economic environment. Savier's management team is exploring a number of strategic alternatives that will leverage Savier's brand and successful designs.

“We founded this company with a mission to design and develop performance product to meet the needs of serious skateboarders,” said Savier Founder Paul Fidrych in a press release. “Although we are small, we have created a strong connection with the skate community. We owe them tremendous thanks for their support over the last three years. We still believe in our product and our brand–our sights are set on the future and on finding the right model that will let us continue to deliver product that sets a new standard in the skateboarding market.”

Over the next 30 days, Savier's management will work closely with its retail and distribution partners, athletes, and suppliers to ensure a smooth transition. Savier will continue to deliver product through its summer line of orders.

The decision affects nine Savier employees, who will be supported through their transition with competitive severance packages and access to job-placement resources.