Savier Hosts Oregon’s Largest Am Contest Ever

Portland, OR – September 12, 2002 Savier will hosting the largest amateurskateboard contest ever in Portland on Saturday October 5. The Pacific NWAmateur Skateboard Series has been putting on contests all summer longthroughout Oregon and Washington and will be filling up Savier’s office parkfor this one.

Savier’s office space is hidden behind a 15, 000 square foot indoorskatepark where the contest will take place. To keep these am’s on theirtoes Savier employees have designed and built a eurostyle street course forthe contest. Previously the exclusive skatepark has been accessible toSavier employees, team riders, and traveling professionals. This will be thefirst time Savier has opened their doors to the northwest. The private parkthat everyone has heard about is theirs for the day.

The Pacific NW Amateur Skateboard Series sponsors include Savier, Red Bull,Girl Skateboards, Pepsi, Sessions, Giant Distribution, Exit Real World, CalsPharmacy, Stussy, Thrasher Magazine, Skateboarder Magazine, and severalmore. One of the contest winners in the eight and under group, MitchieBrusco, just made an appearance on the Today Show in NYC because of his winin a previous contest. Its going to be a crazy day here in the office park.

For more information on the contest series check out… Savier Inc. is a Portland, Oregon based skateboard shoe, apparel, and bagcreator that uses technology to make skateboarding better.