Seaholm and Macdonald Take Vans Triple Crown Cleveland

Sixteen year-old Austen Seaholm won his first pro contest capturing the men’s Street comp, 15 year-old VanessaTorres claimed women’s Street title and Andy MacDonald took the Vert trophyas the Mountain Dew National Championships of Skateboarding closed out inCleveland this weekend. The action on Sunday wrapped up three days inwhich more than 20,000 took in the world’s best skaters turning in killerrun after killer run under sunny blue skies at the Nautica EntertainmentComplex in Cleveland’s Flats district.

Seaholm showed why he’s quickly emerged as one of today’s best youngskateboarders as he rose to the top following an amazing Streetcompetition. Seaholm (Anaheim, CA), in just his second professionalcompetition, beat out Pat Channita (Garden Grove, CA) and Tony Trujillo(Santa Rosa, CA) for first. Earlier in the day, MacDonald (San Diego)placed first in the Vert competition, finishing ahead of Chris Gentry(Houston) and Anthony Furlong (Augusta, GA). In the women’s Street comp,Torres (Anaheim, CA) turned in a flawless run using a series of rail andledge grinds to place ahead of Amy Caron (San Francisco) and 9 year-oldamateur Alexis Schempp (Pittsburgh, PA). Caron had edged Torres inVancouver last month at the Vans Slam City Jam, the first stop in the VansTriple Crown of Skateboarding.

1. Andy MacDonald 94.00 $14,000
2. Chris Gentry 91.50 $7,000
3. Anthony Furlong 85.75 $4,000

1. Austin Seaholm 88.50 $14,000
2. Pat Channita 86.00 $7,000
3. Tony Trujillo 85.25 $4,000

Women’s Street
1. Vanessa Torres
2. Amy Caron
3. Alexis Schempp

In addition to the Vert and Street contests, Mountain Dew gave ridersanother chance to win some cash with the Mountain Dew Best Trick Contest.Adam McNatt (Nollie Kickflip to Frontside Lipslide on Flatbar) and SandroDias (Nosegrab 540 to Body Jar) took home $1,500 for landing the gnarliesttricks during the Street and Vert jams.

The Mountain Dew National Championships are qualifying competitions for theXbox World Championships of Skateboarding in Oceanside, CA October 3-6.The top ten men’s skaters in Street and Vert will qualify to compete in thefinals, with the overall champion taking home a Ford Ranger FX4 truck inaddition to a share of the more than $300,000 overall purse. The top 20women with points from Vancouver’s Vans Slam City Jam competition and thisweekend’s event in Cleveland will also advance to the finals.

The Vans Triple Crown of Skateboarding events air on NBC Sports:

Saturday, June 22, 2002 Slam City Jam
NBC Sports 3:30 pm EDT –Vancouver, BC, Canada

Saturday, August 25, 2002 Mountain Dew National Championships ofSkate
NBC Sports 1:00 pm EDT –Cleveland, OH

Saturday, December 21, 2002 XBOX World Championships of Skate
NBC Sports 3:00 pm EST –Oceanside, CA